Rules and Regulation for the 2013 Gran Fondo Costa d’Amalfi:

Date :17th March 2013

Title: GRANFONDO Costa d’Amalfi

Events : – Gran Fondo (Long Path) 120 kilometres 2,300 metres of climbing.

-       Medio Fondo (Medium Path) 95 kilometeres 1,750 metres of climbing

Path Long Distance: Amalfi, Atrani, Ravello, Tramonti, Maiori, Cetara, Vietri sul Mare, Cava de’Tirreni, Pellezzano, Baronissi, Fisciano, Mercato San Severino, Roccapiemonte, Nocera Superiore, Nocera Inferiore, Pagani, San Marzano sul Sarno, Sant’Egidio del Monte Albino, Corbara, Tramonti, Maiori, Minori, Ravello.

Path Medium Distance: Amalfi, Atrani, Ravello, Tramonti, Maiori, Cetara, Vietri sul Mare, Cava de’ Tirreni, Nocera Superiore, Nocera Inferiore, Pagani, San Marzano sul Sarno, Sant’Egidio del Monte Albino, Corbara, Tramonti, Maiori, Minori, Ravello.

Start point: -Piazza Flavio Gioia – Amalfi 06.30

Assembly begins : 07.20

Start: 08.00

Finish : Piazza Vescovado – Ravello

Organisers : ASD Movicoast Sport and Tourism

-       This event is part of  the Circuito 2013 and Campionato Ciclistico Italiano Interforze


The event is open to all adult male and female riders licensed F.C.I. and Sports Promotion in possession of medical fitness to practice sport of competitive cycling and cyclists in good standing with foreign membership of the UCI Federation for the year 2013.

Professionals, cyclist of the elite category and U23 can be admitted only for promotional purposes at the discretion of the organising committee and cannot be a part of the ranking. Riders over 15 and under 18 may take part  only in the shorter event. Riders over 65 may only take part in the shorter event.

For non-members will be activated a day pass to the FCI at a cost of  € 15 for the insurance cover of ‘civil liability’ during the event. For the issuance of the card you must present the medical certificate for those who need to go through the 120 km and the medical certificate of good health for those who choose the 95 km.

The 2013 Gran Fondo Costa d’Amalfi is by invitation and the Committee have the right to exclude any rider at their discretion. No entries from riders who have o had drug disqualifications will be accepted.

Entry Fees:


€ 25.00 for entries before 6th January 2012

€ 30.00 for entries from 1st January to 15th March

€ 35.00 on 16th March

€ 20.00 Euros to 15th February  for entries for Circuito 2013 and always for cyclist who take part to GranFondo Terre dei Varano 2013

€ 25.00 euros from 16th February to 16 March for entries for Circuito 2013

Free entry for riders from abroad when accompanied with proof of hotel/travel booking.

The entry fee includes race number, use of the repair service (spare parts not included), health care in the race, assistance and refreshments on the route, pasta party at the finish, Gran Fondo jersey, free participation in other activities over the weekend (see specific section of the site), special prices in hotel/restaurant .The final classification will be posted on the Gran Fondo website and finishers can download and print their certificates. In the web site there is also a specific section (shopping on line) where you can buy the technical equipment GF Costa d’Amalfi 2013.

Entry Form:

The entry form is available online at

and can be sent by Email to:

Overseas riders who receive free entry must send proof of travel or accommodation at least three weeks before the day of the event to the above email address.

Registration deadlineMarch  11, 2013 with bank transfer , March  16, 2013 on-line. March 16, 2013 by cash.

Distribution of starting numbers:

“Antichi Arsenali delle Repubbliche Marinare of Amalfi” from 10.00am to 7.00 pm on March 16, 2013. The race packages not picked up will not be sent home.

For individual entries the number must be collected personally with a valid ID card, passport or driving licence accompanied by UCI, F.C.I. or Sports Promotion license recognized by the U.C.I. They must take with them also bank transfer  of their entry form.

On collection of numbers riders will also be issued with an electronic chip.A deposit of 10 euros must be paid and 7 euros will be refunded on return of the chip.

For teams with registered riders only the team leader need appear with all the documentation outlined above.

Replacements and Withdrawal

Replacements can be made within the participants who have completed their registration.They can be made up to 28 February with a 5 euro processing fee.

Those unable to take part will not be reimbursed with the registration fee. Non-starters should let us know by fax before midnight on 14th March so the fee will be held over for entry next year.

Event Cancellation:

If the event has to be cancelled due to exceptional circumstances there will be no refunded entries.

Starting Order:

Red Section-Nos 1-30 VIP’s

White Section-Nos 31-100 Ranking

Green Section-Nos 101-300 First 150 entries, all female riders and entries for Circuito 2013

Pink section-Nos 300-500 “prestigiosi” and entries according to data entry no.

Yellow Section:Nos 501-1000- according to data entry no.

Blue Section:1001- according to data entry no.

Event Distances:

Gran Fondo120 Km-2,550 m.climbing

Medio Fondo-80 Km-1,750 m. climbing

Time Limit:

8 hours

Rights and Responsibilities:

1.The official number must be placed on the handlebars with the transponder and a number must be displayed on the back.

2.The approved crash helmet must be worn.

3. It is compulsory to carry puncture repair kit- spare inner tube or tubular tyre a pump and feeding bottle. Riders are advised to carry spare clothing and a waterproof garment.

4. Participants must obey the rules of the road. Please note that riders overtaken by the car marked “Fine Corsa” will continue the race retaining the starting number on the handlebars and on the back. In this case be aware that the road is open to traffic.

5. The candidate can choose the path best suited to their capacities during the event, it always respecting the points of control in the paths will be excluded from the final classification.

6. The first three riders from both events must attend the awards ceremony afterwards. Failure to do so will mean exclusion from the event next year.

7. To protect the environment, is absolutely prohibited from participating in any kind of litter along the roads, it is mandatory only put them in the containers located in the vicinity of the refreshment and / or arrival. Anyone who is surprised by the organization’s staff and / or race officials to disregard this rule will be disqualified


1.Riders are not allowed to exchange numbers or start in a section other than the one they have been assigned.

2.Riders are requested not to litter the roads and to use the containers at the refreshment areas. Riders leaving litter outside the feed zones will be excluded also from entry next year.

3. The 2013 Gran Fondo Costa d’Amalfi is by invitation and the Committee have the right to exclude any rider at their discretion. No entries from riders who have o had drug disqualifications or other kind of disqualifications from their Federation will be accepted.

4.Cycles fitted with any type of electric or electronic aid are forbidden.


Anything that is not covered by these regulations appears in the general rules issued by the National Amateur Cycling Commission of the F.C.I.


Departure, en route, Arrival. Observance of these is compulsory at the start and on the route. Riders starting before the official signal will not appear in the final classification.

Awards Team and Individual Competition:

The prize presentation will take place in the Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium at 4.00pm.

All riders take part in the individual classification. This will be drawn up according to the order of arrival.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

First three teams for  number of  riders finishing within the time limit.

First three teams for  number of riders starting.

First second and third overall positions for both events, male.

The first three (3) women placed on the 120 km Path.

The first three (3) women placed on the 80 km Path.

The first three (3) categories of :

Gentlemen:                                       Ladies:

Age 19-29                                          Age 19-29

30-39                                                          30-39

40-49                                                          40 and over


60 and over

Other awards to be announced at the start or on March 16, 2013.. 


Any complaints must reach the jury by the deadline specified by the F.C.I. with the regulation fee.


The organization accepts no liability for accidents or damage to persons, animals and things that would happen before, during and after the cycling event. E ‘is mandatory for all participants at the exhaustive respect for and observance of the rules of the road. Although not covered in these regulations applies to the FCI Private Amateur National

Medical Assistance:

The medical backup service using radio communication comprises a team of ambulances, qualified doctors and paramedical staff  .

Mechanical Assistance:

Cars and bikes in tow, and various service points along the two paths.

Private Service:

The use of private vehicles for mechanical assistance is strictly forbidden.

Support radio

Along the two routes and arrival.

Refreshments  during the event:

km 44 medio e lungo: Punto ristoro acqua e cibo Cava de’ Tirreni fino alle ore 11.00

km 54 medio e 80 lungo: Punto ristoro acqua e cibo Pagani fino alle ore 12.40

km 74 medio e 99 lungo: Punto ristoro acqua e cibo Valico di Chiunzi fino alle ore 14.00

Compulsory equipment of ciclofondista

The participant must henceforth have to check if at the time of departure at least the following equipment: – a set of tools for removing the tire / tube. - An inner tube (or tubular) spare – a pump (or bottle) to inflate the wheels – a water bottle. In addition, all participants throughout the duration of the race, must wear a helmet approved hard and keep attached, legibly, the number of race in the frame and the drive back on the jersey.


Showers are available at the Ravello Tennis Club in Viale Richard Wagner.

A “Broom Wagon” will follow the race.

After race massage – To be arranged.

Details of other activities are available in the programme of events.


The Committee of 2013 Gran Fondo Costa d’Amalfi have the right to do some modification to this rules and regulations. They will be communicated by the official web site .



With the online despatch of the entry form the participant is seen to have read and accepted all rules and regulations pertaining to this event, including having private accident insurance, general third party liability insurance, a medical certificate or a racing licence issues by a federation recognised by the U.C.I. Medical certificates or licences must be handed over when collecting the race number. Competitors have total responsibility for their health during the event. The organising committee accept no responsibility for accidents in the course of the event. The participant authorises the use of his images and data according to the Italian Privacy Law no.196 (2003).


A.s.d. Movicoast via G. D’Anna, 5 – 84010 Ravello (Sa)

Tel. 339/5783641

Official web site