Dear lovers of cycling-The Gran Fondo di Costa d’Amalfi is underway again. After the success of last year we are looking forward to our event becoming an important part of the amateur cycling calendar where the sport has become synonymous with culture and the environment. The organising committee have retained the strengths of the 2013 event but have introduced a new programme of events much improved on last year. We offer two days of sporting and cultural events, giving cyclists and their families the opportunity to become citizens of the Amalfi Coast for the duration of their stay by taking part in a programme of organised activities that will introduce them to the area that U.N.E.S.C.O have made a World Heritage Site.

The Gran Fondo will be a part of the “Playing on our Heartstrings” project, approved by “POR Campania FESR” 2007-20014. Apart of this will run from 24th October-31st May 2014. This programme will involve concerts, guided tours to historical locations and places of interest, workshops to demonstrate local trade and industry, tasting of local products, ceramic workshops and conventions-all available to riders and their families….To book a place please notify us in advance by Email.

The course of the Gran Fondo will be shorter and less arduous than last year passing through two regional parks in the Salerno area- Il Parco dei Monti Lattari and il Parco dei Picentini, giving riders the opportunity to pass through areas of outstanding beauty. We have also worked hard to keep down the price of the “Race Pack”.

During a visit to the Amalfi coast in 1877 Renato Fucini said:

“For the citizens of the Amalfi coast who go to Heaven on Judgement Day, it will be a day as all other days.”

As President of ASD Moviecoast Sport and Tourism, I want you to enjoy to the full the sights, sounds and smells of our area through its landscape and culture.

Nicola Anastasio